Working With Dan Doriani
Working With Dan Doriani

Season 2

Firing the imagination of Christians who long to practice their faith at work.

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Tim Persons, Physicist and Administrator: Serving the Public through Science

In this, our final episode of season 2, Dan chats with Dr. Timothy Persons, the chief scientist and one of the managing directors for the Government Accountability Office. We don’t often think about this part of the US government, but they do the essential behind the scenes work of offering scientific, economic, and sociological insight, oversight and foresight into all policies and laws put forward by Congress.

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Meet Dan Doriani

Dan Doriani has been a security guard, construction laborer, freight handler, tennis coach, and tour guide–among other roles. In his principal calling, he has pastored churches, served as faculty in colleges and seminaries, and authored and edited numerous books. Dan’s fascination with work began in his childhood. His thinking, studying, and biblical interpretation on work have fueled his pastoral passion for equipping and encouraging others to act, bringing reformation to the workplace. Dan holds degrees from Geneva College, Westminster Theological Seminary, and Yale Divinity School. He currently serves as vice president at large and professor of biblical and systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary.

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