Dr. Bruce Haughey: Healing with Grace and Knowledge

Dan speaks with world renowned surgeon and pioneering medical researcher in the field of Otolarynology, Dr. Bruce Haughey.

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About this Episode

Dan speaks with world-renowned surgeon and pioneering medical researcher, Dr. Bruce Haughey. During his career, Dr. Haughey has made enormous strides in the field of Otolaryngology (that is, surgery on the head and neck)—finessing techniques and procedures that have saved numerous lives and improved the quality of life for countless more. He shares his perspective on God’s good design—both His design for the human body and His design in gifting and calling Dr. Haughey himself in a particular way. If you enjoyed this podcast, check out our Facebook page at the Center for Faith and Work, STL to join in the discussion!

Dan Doriani

Meet the Host, Dan Doriani

Dan Doriani’s fascination with work began in his childhood. His thinking, studying, and biblical interpretation on work have fueled his pastoral passion for equipping and encouraging others to act, bringing reformation to the workplace.


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