Irwyn Ince: Race and Friendship in Church and Society

Irwyn Ince is the coordinator of the PCA's Mission to North America (MNA) which offers practical training for churches on how to lead their congregations toward an intentionally multi-racial and multi-ethnic future.

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About this Episode

Irwyn Ince is the coordinator of the PCA’s Mission to North America (MNA), a council member of the Gospel Coalition, as well as the director of the Grace DC Institute for Cross Cultural Mission, which offers practical training for churches and other faith-based organizations on how to lead their congregations toward an intentionally multi-racial and multi-ethnic future. Ince is also the author of “The Beautiful Community: Unity, Diversity, and the Church at Its Best.”

Listen in and hear Dan and Irwyn’s candid and grace-filled conversation about race and diversity in both the church and workplace; and get a sneak peek at a project these two friends are working on together.

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Dan Doriani

Meet the Host, Dan Doriani

Dan Doriani’s fascination with work began in his childhood. His thinking, studying, and biblical interpretation on work have fueled his pastoral passion for equipping and encouraging others to act, bringing reformation to the workplace.


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